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December Test Shoots In Amsterdam!
11th November 2011 - 0 comments
Thank you so much to the very many people that replied to my last request for models and MUA's!
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How wonderful!
01st November 2011 - 0 comments
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How wonderfully exciting, apparently there are a number of photographically based packages waiting for me when I return home at the end of this week!
I had a great few days in Amsterdam this week.
28th October 2011 - 0 comments
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I had arranged to take and show my portfolio to a number of fashion design groups and individual designers, and whilst certainly hard work, I think the week can really be considered a success. 
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Facing The Future 2010
23rd December 2009 - 0 comments
2010 sees a new initiative from Firebaby Photography aimed at using photography as an income source to contribute to cancer charities.

'Facing The Future' is the official 2010 Firebaby project.

The Facing The Future fundraising project is being run in association with two of the UK's most influential cancer charities, Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK.

By purchasing a 'Facing The Future' portrait session from the shop, Firebaby will photograph either you, or someone you love and provide you with a beautiful 15"x10" portrait photograph. All profit from this session will go to the cancer charities Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK.

This way you will have a something beautiful and will have given a helping hand for those that need your help, love and compassion!
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Limited TFP shoots availiable in 2009
27th December 2008 - 0 comments
As a direct result of the success of running TFP portfolio shoots in 2008, I am now regrettably having to reduce the number of shoots available in 2009 this is in part to accommodate the substantial rise in paying jobs that are now in the Firebaby pipeline!
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Back in the UK
09th September 2007 - 0 comments
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It's been quite an exciting and interesting couple of months, but at last we're back in the UK.

New UK shoots are being booked and there are new images ready to be posted now!
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Gone South!
06th July 2007 - 0 comments
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I'm currently involved in a number of commercial projects south of the border! New images are coming soon!
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